Clara Winter

Pointe Ballet Shoes

“Yes, I wanted to be ruthless! Let fear enter in them once and for all. Because only with terror could I change anything in this world.” — Vladislav Basarab Tepes III



Clara Winter grew up in the publishing world and attended acting/art school. She grew up in a small northern French town in Québec, Canada. Determined to make it into the big leagues, she learned English independently. She had Stephen King, Oliver Bowden, Charlaine Harris, Jeaniene Frost, and Bernard Cornwell as her ‘literary teachers’ in the art of writing.

Odd to most people, her whole life, Winter became a bookworm and developed an antisocial personality disorder. She fought many stereotypes and misconceptions from the outside world her entire life. After all, horror is hard to defend to other parents when your daughter is only six-year-old. Clara Winter preferred daydreaming of any other activity. Winter tested ahead of her classmates in IQ at a young age, allowing her to pursue her studies in a special school. However, avoiding other people was still what Clara did the most.

Years later, despite Winter’s clinically introverted personality, she made one of her dreams come true. She built a gothic magazine that would become a platform for the indie community. She named it Gothic Bite Magazine. Her primary inspirations were Gothic Beauty Magazine, Fangoria, and The Vampire Book Club.

Following the launch of her webzine, Clara Winter published her very first novel, Mrs. Blackwood, under the art pen name she once used: Alexa Wayne. It proved to Clara that making one dream come true was possible. Her passion for what lurks in the dark or legends was no obstacle for Winter, who wrote the Lord Impaler Series. Her studies also came in handy for her more logical approach to either subject.

What Clara favoured over social events that she despised as a misanthrope and as a socially awkward personality was drawing. Clara Winter became a great fan of DC Comics’ Batman and Buffy The Vampire Slayer at a young age. She even pursued some of her studies in art at an online school and was a contender for DC Comics’ Art Workshop in 2017.

But Clara Winter will never forget who gave her the first shot at writing professionally, the CEO and her first editor, Tara M. Clapper of The Geek Initiative.


  • Viking History | Celt History | Mediaeval History.
  • Cryptozoology | Vampirology | Demonology.
  • Wicca | Runes | Oracle | Tarot | Fairy Magic | Occult | Demonolatry.
  • Horror Writing | Fantasy Writing | Mystery Writing | Sci-Fi Writing | Romance Writing.
  • Creative Writing | Novel Writing | Script Writing | Comic Book Writing | Proofreading | Editing | Blogging.
  • Digital Painting | Digital Portrait | Concept Art | Inking & Rendering | Sequential Art.
  • Graphic Design | Web Design | Illustrator.
  • French | English | Icelandic (currently studying.)
  • Classical Ballet | Singing | Modelling | Acting | Theatre | Narration | Objective Voice (anchors, hosts.)



There is a difference between wanting to be the centre of attention and wanting to perform.

For since I can remember, I have wanted to perform. I wanted to know the art and would reenact what I watched on television. I would sing what I heard and recite my favourite books or horror movie.

But I was different and odd to many people. I liked to perform but not people. I liked movies, but only horror. A side of me grew in the dark and admired the night sky, wondering what was out there. Stories would take form in my head, and I would write them all down.

There are two “me” I know, the gothic girl hoping there is more to this world than just humans and the nerdy one who believes in the ancient world where folklores were born.

This website is all about my research and my books, my life as an artist and author. I hope you all enjoy what I have to share and my stories too!

Clara Winter

Favourite Lyrics
That Kept Her Going!

“I will ride, I will fly
Chase the wind and touch the sky”

Touch The Sky, Brave, Walt Disney Studios

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