Vampire Island

A Christmas Story Part.1

To understand the world of Vampire Island, one must first explore the characters’ world. What drives each one of them and makes them who they are?

Many different views and takes on the old Krampus folklore. There should be a story for everyone’s taste. Overall, well written and original ideas.
Kindle Reader

Kindle Reader

VAMPIRE ISLAND: A Christmas Story Part.1 by Ivy Wayne

Vampire Island

Open your mind if you dare to know A Christmas Story, where the road to the holidays is paved with forgotten hopes, gifts, and carols of those in the night. But one island is more dangerous than all other places, and it’s luring us to it.

A Christmas Story #1

This holiday season, life has a new beginning for Mina Zélie Toussaint. The most excellent gothic librarian and monster expert was now a full-time social media gothic vlogger. With her recent success, she decided to move to her favorite place on Earth, Vampire Island.

With winter knocking at the door, Mina can witness with her own eyes the magical scenery. The island was turned into her favorite Christmas horror story, The Nutcracker.

While Vampire Island is turning into a white Christmas dream, something didn’t feel right. Mina and her friends unravel a most nightmarish secret kept in the walls of the goth vlogger’s new home. Her historical castle house is home to a brutal psychopath, or is he? According to the two sisters, it’s not just a ‘he,’ but a demon.

The two sisters were aware of the bodies found within Mina’s house. But it didn’t change their mind. The Nutcracker wasn’t just a story. A curse and a final battle between a Rat King with seven heads and a Nutcracker must happen to end the curse. It has to take place to free Vampire Island from the spell.

The truth is now in the open air. Christmas, rotten appendages, stained rusty carpenter tools, buckets of blood, sinister dwellers, and an overwhelming festive Island…what can all of these come together and reveal what the true Nutcracker story means? Also, why is it called Vampire Island?

Mina Toussaint finds herself in the middle of a Christmas turned into a nightmare. Will she record everything and share with her goth audience or keep it all to herself? After all, what could be better for gothic lovers to find out that somehow a dark and antique story is, in fact, alive?

But what if Mina and her friends made a mistake by unraveling the mystery surrounding Vampire Island?

What a delightful short read from Elsa Winter! Vampire Island is a gothic horror short and tie in to her vampire series Vlad the Impaler and if it’s anything like this short, it promises to give all gothic horror fans the chills!


The Holidays haS A Romantic and Kind image…unless you know the other face of Christmas.

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